See: Jo Meares releases visually arresting video for the sublime track ‘Faster Than A First Kiss’

I wrote that Jo Meares’s track ‘Faster Than A First Kiss’ (with musical production by Anth Dymke) catches that sense of ephemeral, fleeting beauty, the transience of our very existence as brief sparks in a continuum of life across the immeasurable line of time. He has just released a breathtakingly beautiful video to go with the track and it is utterly mesmerising.

The video is a simple shot of Meares seemingly embalming himself before being laid to rest, with jaw droppingly beautiful scenery flashing past behind him: transfixing and epic:

Meares has that jaded worn expression of a life lived to its fullest, soaked in whiskey and regret.

The track comes off his new album ‘Dream Hotel’, due out on 11 November 2022, complete with some of the shining gems we have reviewed over the last year (‘Reasons‘, ‘The Dirty Game of Art‘ and ‘Just Dreams‘. This is going to be something quite special.

‘Dream Hotel’ will be launched at The Factory Fusebox on 11 November 2022, with support from another one of our favourite outfits, Fabels. Tickets available here.

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