Track: Perth-based Klaude unveils ‘LMK’ – a dark, sinister slice of grooving synth pop.

‘LMK’ is the enigmatic single from Perth-based duo Klaude and it is a dark, foreboding track that nonetheless sparkles with an understated pop sensibility. The deep fuzzy synth bass creates the ominous undercurrent that billows like gathering storm clouds while the vocals are distant with an arctic chill, and yet there is a vibrancy and psychedelic sheen that is uplifting.

The track is a look at vulnerability and uncertainty in a relationship – the band says:

It’s bad enough having completely incompatible attachment styles… What’s worse is questioning whether your relationship even really existed if you were always kept ‘on the low’

The result is a broody delight with lyrics that coolly assess the balancing act that is love and obsession:

So I’ll see you on the way out
Wanna keep me like a cut out?
Still got plenty love though
If you want some
You should come let me know
Guess you’ll come let me know
You should come let me know
Guess you’ll come let me know

The motorik beat and woozy synths combine to set an enigmatic fugue:

‘LMK’ is out and available through the link above and here with more streaming sites coming. You can find a Spotify list of the band’s influences here.

Klaude are Codie Sundstrom and Willow Fearns.

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