Track: Nottingham alt-rockers Kagoule release new single, Glue

Nottingham alt-rockers Kagoule return with a new single, Glue, ahead of their debut album Urth, which drops on August 21st via Earache records. Singer/guitarist Cai Burns says of Glue, “[it]….popped into existence on New Year’s Day of 2014. The frame of the song was sat as a garage band file called ‘so damn stuck’ and it was a troublesome little dude. Refused to be written. I’m not sure exactly where my mind was on January 1st but it definitely wasn’t in my head. The next day I noticed this weird guitar riff I’d added that must’ve bypassed my brain was sat on top of the verse. I layered some sticky lyrics on top of it and it was born, covered in a thick, pale afterbirth. Ready to be plated, garnished and served.”

The track itself tumbles straight into life. All angst ridden guitar lines and pulsating bassline. There’s moments of things like Magazine in there somewhere as it walks on the alt side, rather than the rock. Wiry guitars these math like drums can’t disguise what turns out to be a rather lovely pop song, gorgeous harmonies and all.

Dress that up as what you want.

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