Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: Planetary


Climate change is a topic which seems to slip in and out of the news. Whilst idiotic mutterings abound about the pace and cause of global warming, Planetary puts our focus on protecting this breathtaking and awe-inspiring planet we inhabit. The Earth is our most precious asset, and director Guy Reid’s documentary is a timely reminder that we need to take urgent measures to safeguard our future.

Taking its mark from Godfrey Reggio’s famous ‘Qatsi’ Trilogy, Planetary merges a beautiful score by Human Suits with breathtaking imagery. However, Reid adds voices to his vision. Expanding on Overview, a short film released back in 2012, there’s wisdom and memories from of astronauts, tribal leaders, Buddhists, philosophers, environmentalists and physicists amongst others.

Planetary inspires veneration and a sense of wonder, whilst instilling the importance of taking urgent action now to protect our planet. Whilst it’s a well-made argument for change, the message is much more important than the means. It’s a persuasive case which, whilst maybe preaching to the converted, will make even the sceptic think again.

Planetary is available on Vimeo on Demand now. To find out what you can do to help, visit the Planetary website.

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