Live Review: Clutch -The Academy, Dublin 27,07,2022

American rock band Clutch descended on Dublin’s The Academy to a sold out crowd who lapped up every minute of it. Throughout the night there was a very large mosh pit which I was standing above on the balcony as there was not pit access to photographers by request of the band and we had to photograph from the crowd so as it was a sold out show I made an early a be-line for the safety of the balcony, this vantage point gave me a good overhead view of the crowd and able to watch the fun & games unfold below included the few crowd members who somehow must have for got they were in a mosh pit and decided to start fighting with others that were pushing them around and the two guys who decided to try stand in the middle of it with pints in hand and then got annoyed when said pints were spilled (it was a mosh pits guys what did yous expect) fair play to security as they were quick off the mark and things didn’t escalate to badly.
None of this deterred the rest of the crowd who where there to enjoy the band and some good old hard rock and enjoy they did as the band belted out classics and some new songs. The new songs went down a treat with enthusiastic appreciation from the crowd.
The set list consisted of 20 songs 3 of those being the encore and this seen the mosh pit get even bigger and wilder.
Neil Fallon only engaging with the crowd briefly at times and saying how much the band had missed things like touring and playing to a live audience and how Dublin is only of the only cities where finding a tambourine is easy, as his had been lost in storage the past two years.

Set List.
X-Ray Visions
Rock and Roll Outlaw
Promoter ( Of Earthbound Causes)
In Walks Barbarella
Sea of Destruction
We Strive For Excellence
What Would a Wookie Do
10,000 Witnesses
A Quick Death in Texas
Subtle Hustle
Power Play
12 Ounce Epilogue
Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
Lord of This World (Black Sabbath Cover)
The Regulator
Earth Rocker
Electric Worry
The Mob Goes Wild

(Photos taken from a distance and heavily cropped)

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