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It's an honest collection of songs which sets High Hazels apart from the crowds, making them so worthy of your attention.
Heist or Hit

High Hazels are a romantic four-piece from Sheffield who have won the hearts of pretty much everyone this year with good songs, good manners, and good looks. They’ve got the makings of an extraordinary band and they’re working hard to get the success they deserve. They’re about to share their first full studio album, which is self-titled, with its release on 27th October 2014.

The album kicks off with ‘Valencia’, one of my favourite songs from the Sheffield boys. This song is one they’ve played at all their live shows this past year, leaving the crowd wanting more after the smooth melodies have warmed their hearts. I’ve said before that High Hazels are exquisite storytellers, and it holds true for this new album; ‘Valencia’ is full of beautiful imagery that’ll take you away from Sheffield’s grey skies and concrete jungles.

Fans will also recognise ‘Misbehave’, ‘Banging On My Door’, and ‘Hearts Are Breaking’ on the track listings. These three songs have been powerful singles from the High Hazels over 2014, making sure they’d stand out in the music industry and earn a decent following of dedicated fans.

‘Night Song’ flows with a natural beauty that I never thought possible. High Hazels have perfected its chorus and its steady rhythm makes it a song you’ll keep coming back to.

‘Shy Tide’ broke my heart in a way that I don’t want it to be fixed. This song managed to creep under my skin with its soft, uncertain, guitar strokes and delicate vocals. It feels like High Hazels are whispering secrets to you, singing you a gloomy lullaby on the saddest of nights. “Don’t you dare tell me, that I owe you everything” is just some of the words that tugs your heart and makes you feel sorry for something that may not have even happened.

“I’m not sure who you want me to me” are the first words uttered in ‘How Long’s It Gonna Be’, opening up another corner of self-doubt and uncertainty. The album gives a refreshing sense of vulnerability, opening up a sensitive array of feelings that most of us would keep secret. It’s an honest collection of songs and it’s this sincerity that sets High Hazels apart from the crowds, making them so worthy of your attention.

High Hazels release their self-titled album on Monday 27th October 2014.
Pre-order here: iTunes. Amazon (CD).

Watch their latest video, ‘Banging On My Door’, below:


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