Track : Venice Beach Duo ‘ Movie Club’ deliver the cool with ‘ Trap Door’

Picture this : you’re high on life. You ‘re high because you don’t need anything other than what surrounds you. All you need are balloons , funky post-apocalyptic outfits, a kick ass camera man and you’re set. You could say it recalls a scene from the 1950’s classic ” The Red Balloon”, but the difference is you’re walking entirely in reverse through widely different locations. This is , in effect , how one could sum up the wonderful quirkiness of Venice ‘Movie Club’s video of their single ‘Trap Door’ Movie Club. Born of the bloodline connection between guitar and drums, Movie Club is an instrumental psych rock band from the vibrant streets of Venice Beach. The duo melts the focused rock drumming of Jessamyn Violet with the searing riffs of guitarist Vince Cuneo. For the single “Trap Door” off of their upcoming EP “Fangtooth” the group continues the quest to make stunning cinematic visuals for their music by heading out to the legendary Salton Sea, CA. In effect ,it’s as if the pair had just finished their second or third visit to Burning Man Festival and were looking for a different location to continue that euphoria. A ‘trap door’ to a multidimensional world if you will, clearly envisaged in the masterful cinematography of the video.
“We definitely went far outside of our comfort zone making this video,” says guitarist Vince Cuneo. “I
don’t know how to describe crawling into the Salton Sea, but there was a moment where I thought that
I physically wasn’t going to be able to go through with it.” As for the music itself, well, it’s truthfully a replica of all those trips and more. Lyricaless, it still tells a story of a desire to escape from themselves, in search of the journey itself. The song ends on a questioning chord- harmonically major, yet suggesting a somehow darker and parallel reality.

Movie Club’s fifth studio record “Fangtooth” was recorded at Fonogenic Studios by Jeff Thompson and
mixed by Mark Rains (Paranoyds, Death Valley Girls). “Trap Door” features Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie)
on bass and David Ralicke (Dengue Fever) on flute. The album was mastered by Brian Lucey (Black
Keys) and will be released August 10th.

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