Track: Worldcub Share Title Track From Upcoming Album ‘Back To The Beginning’

Worldcub’s latest offering, ‘Back to the Beginning’, is a mesmerising psychedelic journey through The Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies and vibrant swirling spring reverbs. The title track from their upcoming album, the new single offers an enticing glimpse into what can be expected across the full release.

Built a repeating, hypnotic krautrock groove, characterised and highlighted by the fuzzy riff which moves throughout, the track is surrounded by layered guitar melodies, and reverb soaked vocal melodies, resulting in a track which is best described as psych-surf-rock. Indeed, this layer is what makes the track – comprising of fourteen intricately woven tracks all in which create a rich and transportive sonic tapestry.

Led by the talented duo of brothers Cynyr and Dion Hamer, Worldcub (formerly known as CaStLeS) hails from the scenic hills of North Wales. The upcoming album seamlessly transitions between English and Welsh, showcasing the band’s versatility and cultural richness.

As they prepare to unleash ‘Back to the Beginning’, Worldcub emerges with a renewed sense of creativity and purpose. The single is as much a statement of intent of a band returning to the beginning, once again releasing new music and sounding better than ever.

Listen below:

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