Track: Perth’s delightful smol fish release the low-fi charmer ‘Like A Lemon’ and announce debut EP for August

Imbued with so much melancholy and angst you could cry, smol fish‘s ‘Like A Lemon’ is impossibly endearing and utterly disarming. Laced with an unashamed Australian accented laid back and droll delivery, the track seethes with a sort of disinterested teenage grumpiness, but in a self-deprecatory and ultimately romantic way. Singer/songwriter Clancy Davidson says of the track:

The song is about the thoughts on loop in the week of my 20th birthday! I’d just gotten home from New York and learned that not everyone is nice but ultimately it’s their issue not mine (sorry that you’re, so damn sour).  I also kept saying “it’s my birthday” to my partner and family so they would do nice things and they were like… it’s literally not your birthday. It doesn’t last a whole week, turning 20 is lame. Having just been to the Brooklyn Museum, I was thinking a lot about the universe and realised how I felt this awe and connection with the stars and the moon. The idea that everything was created by the Big Bang seemed super romantic to me and it felt cute that an exploding star had created me and all my friends and our world.

A very charming and personal track. You can download/stream here or through the link below:

The track is off smol fish’s forthcoming debut EP, set to be released in August 2021.

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