Track: My Cherie’s ‘Don’t Compare Yourself’ Strikes a Chord with Self-Love Anthem

My Cherie

‘Don’t Compare Yourself,’ the newest release from ethereal singer My Chérie, explores the pervasive anxiety stemming from the relentless choices and expectations that dominate contemporary Western society.

My Chérie’s focus when writing this track revolved around the challenges that she faced in her late twenties, grappling with societal expectations to attain a home, husband, and children— benchmarks set by previous generations at this stage of life. Hailing from South Africa, My Chérie’s path is uniquely complex, as she confronts the cultural pressures of her Afrikaans background while reconciling her Christian beliefs with her queer identity.

“In my personal life, my art has allowed me to break free of the conformity of my religion, cultural background and the confinement of being put in a box – either as a Christian or as a Queer person.”

My Chérie

‘Don’t Compare Yourself’ begins as a tender ballad, with a gentle piano accompaniment that sets the stage for My Chérie’s ethereal voice that seems to float above the melody, imbuing the track with a sense of weightless grace. As the song progresses, the tempo picks up, and a catchy beat emerges, transforming the ballad into a delectable slice of dream pop that captivates the listener with its infectious rhythm. The addition of jagged guitars adds an unexpected edge to the dreamy soundscape, creating a dynamic contrast that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Stream ‘Don’t Compare Yourself’ HERE.

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