Canadian thrash legends Anonymus reveal new single ‘La Bestia’

Canadian thrash legends Anonymus recently released their 12th album ‘La Bestia’ on June 12th via label Bam&co Heavy. Known for their discography of both French and English releases, ‘La Bestia’ is their first full length that is completely in Spanish, which is pretty damn impressive. 3/4 of the band speak Spanish, but still, 12 albums in 3 languages is no easy feat. The band have released the title track from the album as a single.

“This song is about a real story that happened here in Quebec. A father lost his mind over jealousy and killed his two kids for revenge. A very very sad story and still the father says he is not criminally responsible has he declared not remembering anything of it. He became the beast while doing this irreversible act of violence. The whole story had quite an impact on the population who were outraged with the verdict.”

Despite the heavy subject matter, the track is incredibly fun to listen to. But more the kind of fun where you’ve had one too many and pick a fight with your patio. Excellent work.

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