Premiere: Seasurfer unveils the video for the electronic fuzz of track ‘Something Very Bad’, featuring Stereoskop

We are very honoured to premiere the new video from shoegaze/goth maestro Seasurfer for the track ‘Something Very Bad’, featuring vocals from Susana Egea, the singer from the Spanish band Stereoskop. Seasurfer is the nom de plume of Hamburg-based artist Dirk Knight, who draws in other musicians to contribute to his electro-fuzz goth sounds.

The track has a very motorik thump and an iron spine – a frenetic disco beat that throbs and pulsates under the surface while Egea’s vocals are distant with an Arctic chill. The overall effect is ethereal and mysterious with synths whirling in the ether above a muscular bass line.

Knight says of the collaboration:

I like working across genres more and more. I use electronics and guitars to create strange atmospheres, but in the end, compact songs should still come out. Susana and Alex Brujas, from the band Stereoskop, were in my mind for the vocals. They have been in darker electronics; they have a feeling for hook lines and Susana has some kind of strange mystic in herself which I think is really cool.

Egea says:

How is it possible that you are disoriented in a strange scenario and at the same time feel happy? When we received Dirk’s first demo I was immediately inspired by this feeling and this obsession that I have for Science Fiction, in this case of Asimov, also the experience of working apart was suggestive, because nothing, not even “something too big” can keep artists apart. However, we find notes to support the melody of the songs that lead us (very typical of us) to irony, to make it possible to freeze a moment like a romantic painting, like a shot from a movie that lasts more than 5 seconds, like when the air seems to stop, there is a pain of absolute emptiness. However, there are also girlish smiles… It looks like a 19th-century British school, whenever I write a letter, I visualize something that also has an implicit emotion.

The video presents washed out images of Egea and Knight performing: flashes of psychedelic colours creating a bleached palette that twists and turns with the beat:

The track comes off Seasurfer’s ‘Something Very Strange’ EP available below:

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