Album Review: Indie-Rock Artist Leo Unveils Their Introspective and Vulnerable Debut EP, ‘Please Leave Quietly’

Photo Credit: Claire Giuffre

The Breakdown

Leo's debut EP offers a wholehearted beacon of catharsis and connection cocooned in well-defined alt-rock, perfect for those hungry for authenticity and vulnerability.
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From the heart of Naarm/Melbourne’s music scene emerges Leo, a soulful storyteller blending raw emotion with infectious indie-rock melodies. With hits like ‘Doctor‘ and ‘Half Unconscious‘, Leo has already made waves with their unfiltered lyricism and captivating individualism. Now, with the release of their debut EP, ‘Please Leave Quietly‘, Leo invites us into their intimate world of self-reflection and vulnerability.

Collaborating with Jonathon Tooke of Cry Club, Leo crafts a journey that feels like flipping through the deepest pages of a personal diary. Each track on ‘Please Leave Quietly’ offers a glimpse into Leo’s innermost thoughts and feelings, creating a tapestry of emotion that resonates so deeply.

Reflecting on the EP’s themes, Leo shares, “It is incredibly introspective and focuses on the feelings associated with loss, abandonment and isolation. The title was chosen to serve this introspective motion with the idea of ‘I know you’re going to leave and that’s okay – I would too. But when you do, the only thing I ask is that you do it quietly.’

The EP opens with ‘Half Unconscious‘, a personal favourite and a stirring reflection on recognising harmful patterns. Leo’s vocals command attention as the song builds from a slow, emotive beginning to an explosive crescendo, propelled by robust drumming and pulsating rhythms. It’s a powerful start to an EP that doesn’t hold back.

Following suit, ‘Erase Me‘ maintains the momentum with its infectious energy and catchy chorus, reminiscent of our favourite emo-rock legends, and ripe for belting out loud. Meanwhile, ‘Rough Hands‘ delves into themes of rejection with a fiery intensity as Leo’s lyrics cut deep, exploring the complexities of human emotion with unflinching honesty amidst thundering drums and pulsating basslines.

Tendencies‘ then steals the show, delving into the struggles of self-worth and inner turmoil. Leo’s words hit hard, painting a vivid picture of internal conflict. “I wrote ‘Tendencies’ about my past subconscious reflections on struggling and self worth and how they can counteract and harshly affect one another,” shares Leo. “Following the first chorus onwards, it is entirely a long-winded and overtly critical conversation that I was having with myself at the time about being ‘too much’”.

The accompanying music video, co-directed by Leo and Nik Jamieson, adds another layer to the story, offering a visual exploration of introspection and self-sabotage.

As the EP nears its end, ‘Thursday Morning‘ emerges as yet another standout track, beckoning listeners into a realm of reflection and redemption. Leo’s delicate guitar work and haunting vocals infuse the song with a gentle intimacy.

Excitedly, Leo prepares to launch ‘Please Leave Quietly’ at Naarm’s iconic venue, The Old Bar, alongside Baby Shower and Mutual Friends of Former Lovers on Friday, April 19th (tickets here). Leo’s debut EP offers a wholehearted beacon of catharsis and connection cocooned in well-defined alt-rock, perfect for those hungry for authenticity and vulnerability.

Photo Credit: Claire Giuffre

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