Exclusive: STEB drops an exclusive takeover mix for Backseat Mafia in connection with his forthcoming EP: Kauris 1979 – Feat. Dario Rossi

For the release of ‘Kauris 1979’ (out 30.06.2023 on Night Vibez Records) we are delighted to present a Takeover Mix from STEB.

STEB is a producer and DJ that has been lighting up the scene for over 20 years. Since releasing his first Ep, he has always come with a fresh and inventive style. Broken Rules is the first release as STEB, which also contains the remixes of Memoryman aka Uovo from the legendary Pastaboys and Brine. Among his previous releases, to underline is his Staraya Ep, with the remixes from Ricky L, Gianmaria Coccoluto aka GNMR and Luca Vera, Thc and Erly Tepshi, A remix for Franchino, legendary storyteller of the Italian nightlife and Ayeyo, in collaboration with Ector Nina, remixed by Federico Grazzini, which reached 1st place in the Beatport Top 100 New Afro House chart Releases. He is also the owner of his own Record label Valkea Music.

Check it out on the Backseatmafia Soundcloud account below:

Starting from the Kauris constellation, a musical journey that crosses various styles and moods, ethnic and percussive, passing through indie dance and housey sounds, then electro with techno contaminations to end up in a trance cosmic world.

This is STEB! 


1-    STEB Feat. Dario Rossi – Kauris 1979(Original Mix) (timestamp from start to 5.40 min)

2-    Ayala & Abrão – A Mente Delira (Francesco Chiocci Remix) (from 5.40 minutes)

3-    Sam Holland – Andalucia  (10 minutes)

4-    Ahoona – Life (Extended Mix) (14.22 min)

5-    Sounds of Rituals & Augusto Yepes – Hidden Thoughts (19.05 min)

6-    Alan Dixon – Nowhere To Run (Original Mix) (23.30 min)

7-    Jaded, Carlita – Zorro (Extended) (27.10 min)

8-    STEB -Ezekiel – (Memoryman Aka Uovo Remix) (31.45 min)

9-    Bichord – Anidride (Dub mix) (34.55 min)

10- FTG, A.D.M. (Italy) – Wired  (Original Mix) (39.10)

11- Daddy Squad – We Can Work It Out (Vhyce Remix) (42.40 min)

12- Catz ‘n Dogz, ZENSOFLY, Maxville – Wave (Matisa Remix) (46.50  min)

13- STEB- Ritual Sunrise (Francesco Farfa & Miki The Dolphin remix) (50.30 min)

14- Goodbye Mirage – Black Slate Density (Feel Fly Notte Trance Remix) (from 55 min to end)

STEB Feat. Dario Rossi – Kauris 1979 EP on Night Vibez Records 

Italian STEB is no stranger to cooking up floor filling hits. For this latest offering he works with Dario Rossi, a renowned drummer with a signature style like no one else. Their ‘Kauris 1979’ is a beautifully deep house track with shimmering chords and twinkling melodies. Echoing claps help drive this most classy of tunes forwards under subtle vocal sounds and the whole atmosphere is full of late-night magic.

The vibrant Marvin & Guy are celebrated artists who bring colour and charm to their work on labels like Life and Death, Permanent Vacation, Correspondant and Hivern Discs. It often has a cosmic edge and that’s the case here with this excellent remix. It layers in mysterious whistling leads and 80s synth sounds as well as a rasping bassline that brings a different perspective than the original. They also serve up a second timeless disco remix for the digital EP.

Feel Fly is a project that straddles worlds and scenes with influences from ambient, house and disco on top outlets like International Feel Recordings. This remix brings all that alongside some feel-good piano chords that light up a punchy nineties house bassline. It’s a stylish party starter for sure. Eclectic old-school producers & musicians Van Der Kirche & THC then join forces for an expansive broken beat remix with crisp hits and silky bass all making for a sublime trip.


1. Kauris 1979 (Original Mix)
2. Kauris 1979 (Marvin & Guy Run Run Mix)
3. Kauris 1979 (Feel Fly Piano Emozione Remix)
4. Kauris 1979 (Van Der Kirche & THC Remix)
5. Kauris 1979 (Marvin & Guy Non Stop Mix) digital bonus

OUT 30.06.2023 on  Night Vibez Records

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