Track: Ida Mae – Lost On Your Time

British duo Ida Mae have shared their new single ‘Lost On Your Time’, taken from their eagerly-awaited third studio album ‘Thunder Above You’ due on the 25th of August.

Adding about the new track, Chris Turpin explains 

“When I wrote ‘Lost on your Time’ I’d been diving deeper into the folk roots of my childhood. I was rediscovering guitar tunings used by Nick Drake, Richard Thompson and Martin Simpson. I’d ordered a guitar from Roger Fylde; a parlour guitar made partly of a piece of Sinker Redwood – cut from a 200 year old tree pulled from a river bed in Northern California.” 

“‘Lost on your Time’ was the first song written on the guitar. The combination of the century old American wood and ancient British ballad melodies I was learning seemed to gently come together.” 

“The symbolism and imagery of those old songs seeped into the lyrics. The song echoes the night drives we’d taken through the mountains in the USA, moving from show to show. Those still moments when it was just me, Stephanie and the road.”

A sunlit folky track that hangs on Turpin’s aching vocals over the hypnotic drums and tumbling piano. With a delicate melody picked out on that parlour guitar. Bringing in the sweet vocals of Stephanie Jean completes this gorgeous track, the pair joining in harmony to really wring out the emotion.

Check it out, here

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‘Thunder Above You’ Tracklist:

  1. My Whispers Are Wildfire
  2. Into Your River
  3. American Cars
  4. Doing It For Badness
  5. Lost On Your Time
  6. To Your Love
  7. My Wild Flying Dove
  8. Feel The World Turning
  9. Landslide
  10. Thunder Above You
  11. Hold You Like Fading Light
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