SEE: Post Coal Prom Queen – ‘Salt’: a cool, dystopian synthpop opener

Gordon Johnstone and Lily Higham, aka Post Coal Prom Queen

FORMERLY the creative heart behind L-space, the electronic alt.pop outfit who released three albums from 2018 up to last year, Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone have cleaved away into a new creative zone as Post Coal Prom Queen, although on this evidence it would seem their intent to seduce with airy siren sing and dark synthetic textures remains unswerving; you can see for yourself – the lyric video for their debut single, “Salt”, is embedded herein.

It practically scorches into being on the back of dark industrial synths like a bomber raid, pulls back the curtain on some thrumming melodicism, and entrusts Lily to siren-song you towards a distant light; you have to let her guide you through, she’s your darkly sweet and seductive hope in this 21st-century torch song with environmental concerns: “The water rises into my bedroom / Every day that we measure it / The streets they disappear /
Fields salted,” Lily intones, an alienated and dystopian voice.

Emerging in 2020, the duo found their feet with a number of singles including the minimalism-meets-cinemascope pop swing of “You Wouldn’t Download A Car”, as well as two collaborations with Japanese band Macaroom; but “Salt” is the first footing for their debut EP in their new incarnation, due in April.

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