Album Review: The Scarlet Hour – Blink EP

Formed in 2021 from members of Alternative/Post-Punk trio The Seventh Victim, The Scarlet Hour are a Synth Darkwave duo based in the North East. Delivering brooding bass hooks from Mel Butler, and dystopian lyrics from a tormented mind courtesy of Tim Synistyr, all sprinkled with Synth-Pop melodies. ‘Blink’ is the first release by the band.

With an addictive bass line, EP opener and title track ‘Blink’ introduces us to this bands brand of gothic aesthetic and sounds. Synistyr’s baritone over the swirling synths is the perfect way of delivering the depression and grief of loss found in the lyrics. Second track ‘Afterlife’ has a more upbeat backdrop with a chorus that lights the EP up and really get under the skin. It’s a simpler track that relies heavily on the drums and bass that strangely give it a disco vibe. Synistyr stays true to his name with the vocal delivery style that sticks in your head. Much like the rest of this EP.

Final track is the mysteriously sounding ‘Torment’. The track opens with a scary soundscape but again its the brilliant punk style bass line from Butler that grabs you as Synistyr’s vocals drip with evil in a slow and menacing way, that contrasts to the harsh stab of the synths. These three tracks shows what the band can do with minimalistic ingredients.

The band have have shared a sneak peak into whats to come. Sticking to a winning formula that each song follows and with Synistyr’s voice working so well with the music this EP will be one you will be spinning for sometime to come. Or at least until they release a full length.

Check out the bands track Afterlife, below:

Find out more via the bands Facebook or Bandcamp

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