Track: Eye – The Other Sees

Ren Faulkner

Eye, the new band from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (MWWB) singer-songwriter/musician Jessica Ball, recently announced the arrival of their eagerly awaited debut album, ‘Dark Light’ set for release on 26th April via New Heavy Sounds (Shooting Daggers, MWWB, Blacklab). They have now shared the second single from the album titled ‘The Other Sees’ which follows on from the first single ‘In your Night

‘Dark Light’ is an intensely atmospheric fusion of emotionally charged songcraft and inspired sonic energy. The clue is in the album’s paradoxical title. Chilling and even bleak melodies with arrangements daringly and deliberately stripped down and minimal. Revealing a kinship with sonic bed-fellows Mazzy Star, Chelsea Wolfe or even Portishead. 

Ball comments about the new track:

“Yearning, love and frustration. Although you have what you want, the realisation that it will one day end fills you with anguish. Ironically, I was in a really good place when writing it. As I’m not one who is creatively motivated by positive feelings, I tried to explore the “dark side” of happiness and love… As all good things must end, so will this. Are we content, or are we constantly looking for more? This also fits in with the Dark Light. If there is one, there must be the other. Musically, we played around a lot with this one as it sounds so different from our first demo which was a lot of fun.”

Fuzzy electronic synths over heavy drums fail to bury Ball’s gentle vocals. It’s a captivating track that shows

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