See: Bitch stands up to be counted on the technicolour torch song, ‘Easy Target’

Bitch, photographed by Dana Lynn Pleasant

QUEER icon Bitch doesn’t ever take fools lightly, and you should so know and respect that, even if she has a way with couching that message in technicolour synth melodies to die for. We cool with that? Let’s move on.

Here’s the joyous thing: her next album, the 11-track trip into Bitchcraft, sees her launching song salvos with a full, delicious arsenal of violins, synthesizers, percussion and witty lyricism, come February 4th next year. It’s a delve into big-up proper POP, with a political slant both small- and big-P; it’s also, we’re told, witchy and heartbreaking.

Sample that new record for yourself right here, right now; she’s released a single, “Easy Target”, with accompanying visuals from the Chicago-born director of Transparent and I Love Dick Joey Soloway, who gives Bitch full flex to be sad, disappointed in how the shit show can play; but ultimately to roll with the punches and be proud of who she is. Right. On.

Written during the Brett Kavanaugh trials, “Easy Target” speaks truth to power about how women and the gender non-conforming are confronted with much more public scrutiny than cisgender men.

Bitch explains: “It’s about how we have to ‘take it like a man’ and figure out how to be proud anyway. Watching women tell their truth and still ‘the man always gets his way’. Watching Bill Cosby go free. Tarana Burke and the scrutiny she faced. Anita Hill. The hundreds of women athletes that were abused by Larry Nassar. How our society barely trusts women. Britney Spears. Now Texas.”

It’s been a long time comin’, this record; she began writing material for Bitchcraft some eight years ago and has continued to compose over the course of several moves and political movements.

“Easy Target” follows the ace “Hello Meadow!”, a Hi-NRG arms-aloft future green anthem, up the runway towards release day next February. Excited much?

Bitch’s Bitchcraft will be released by Kill Rock Stars on February 4th, 2022, digitally, on CD and on poppin’ lime green vinyl; you can order your copy here.

Connect with Bitch elsewhere online at her website and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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