Film Review – Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies

Alan Ladd and George Lucas

The release of a feature film is usually the culmination of a huge amount of work and effort by a large team of people. Whilst the public praise for a successful movie is normally showered upon the director and cast, with occasional mentions for cinematographers, editors and sound design, it’s very much a team effort. The role of the studio exec or producer is often overlooked, unless there’s some kind of financial catastrophe, but it’s vital.

Alan Ladd Jr. might not be a familiar name to most but within the film industry he’s known for the pivotal role he’s played in bringing countless films to fruition. Not least, and probably most famously, Star Wars. Whilst it’s usual to portray those within the studio system as the villain, which they sometimes are in all fairness, they play a crucial role in the process. Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies, the new documentary from his youngest daughter Amanda Ladd-Jones, places this contribution alongside a personal insight.

Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies documents the role Alan Ladd Jr. played in making so many great, and some not so great, films. The likes of Blade Runner, Braveheart, Police Academy, Young Frankenstein, Thelma and Louise and Chariots of Fire. His influence is attested to by a number of prominent figures, including Ron Howard, Ridley Scott, George Lucas and Mel Brooks. Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies does a great job of highlighting his love for an industry he played a huge role in, placing his career in the context of his private and family life.

Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies will be released on digital on 26 April.

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