Track: Restless Leg releases a glorious indie pop anthem ‘The Wheel It Turns’ filled with sparkle and verve

Restless Leg 2021. Photos by Joshua Morris

Sydney indie outfit Restless Leg has just released a sparkling and effervescent new track, ‘The Wheel It Turns’, which draws in an indelible pop heritage from legendary antipodean bands such as The Go-Betweens and The Bats as well as the UK C86 movement. With such an heritage, the song still forges a vibrant new path that creates a sense of euphoria.

The track is full of boundless energy and pop sensibilities with anthemic choruses, jangling guitars and an inherent joie de vivre. Twelve-string guitars add a shining lustre with a searing keyboard riff and celestial melodies that ring out endlessly and imbed themselves in your psyche.

Singer/songwriter Ben Chamie says:

Ah, the lottery of life! ‘Another year, another one / so I tallied up everything I done’ is a happy rumination on the ever-changing, cyclical nature of life – with stabby keyboards a la The Clean’s Tally Ho and in a 2-minute pop song format. Adam’s 12-string guitar, sparkles like the Byrds and the Go-Betweens at the same time. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a quick bike ride to the shops on a bright sunny morning, but a difficult earworm to dislodge.

While the transience of life reflects the bitter challenges many of us have faced over the last 12 months, this type of prescription from Restless Leg is the best medicine available. There is an inherent sense of joy while a subtle melancholic air imparts a sense of wistfulness. A perfect mix for classic indie pop.

The accompanying video captures that sparkly element in its simplicity, shot under the cloudless blue skies of Sydney:

Wonderful and exciting stuff which will be on an album ‘Dream Buffet’ to be released in June this year. Restless Leg will be launching the single in Sydney on 26 March along with one of our other favourite Sydney bands – the magnificent Key Out – in support. Details here.

You can get the single here:

Restless Leg are:

Ben Chamie – vocals, guitars
Adam Taylor – guitars
Fiona Whalley – bass, vocals
Jared Harrison – drums

Feature Photograph: Joshua Morris Photography

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