Exclusive: Laura Reznek records a Important live in session for Backseat Mafia

Canadian-born Laura Reznek joined us for our Backseat Mafia Sessions with a performance of Important taken from her brand new album Agrimony. The simple, stripped back combination of vocals and guitar compliments the lament resulting in an intimate listen you will lean in closer to capture.

Now living and working out of London, the album is a breakdown of her thoughts, infused with a classical and Americana spirit, and reflects her life as a travelling musician. “Important” came into being in the back of a camper van in Iceland. Laura found herself looking out at a herd of sheep huddled tight against the fence separating them from a fresh pasture, instead of exploring the field in which the found themselves.“It Just Reminded Me Of Living In This World,” Reznek explains. “Never content with all that life has to offer and constantly worrying about what other people have and desperately trying to attain it.” 

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Video Editing by Ruby Price for Backseat Mafia

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