Track: Raury – Devil’s Whisper

Raury is new age rap. At just 19, Atlanta Georgia’s Raury, is miles beyond his years. “Devil’s Whisper” conceptualizes just this. It is a song identifying everyone’s struggle between good and bad in the 21st Century. Raury begins with the prose “You better run, run from the devil” over the top of a boom clap instrumental, accompanied with beautiful guitar strumming. The folk sound created from this use of instrumental provides the perfect base for the start of the song. The instrumental evokes the false sense of security that the lyrics abide to. The Devil tells Raury “I can give you everything, diamonds. Everything you touch can be golden.” Every line trying to lure Raury into the evils of the world. And Raury plays this character very well. Gradually the instrumental backing builds until this folk beginning transcends seamlessly into a heavy hitting electronic beat. Atop of, Raury provides his response to the temptations of the devil. “My compositions the opposition of all the shit that Got niggas wishing to spit tragic, the shit that get You deal crack and you spend cash on cement asses.” Raury here states his resistance to the evils of Atlanta strip club lifestyle and to those who glamorize the trap scene through music. His response is clearly not solely for the devil, but for society as a whole. Raury’s portrayal of this society suggests its destined degradation. And this is why we “better run in some type of direction” because we have as he describes “poison everywhere.” We need to get away from all these negative temptations. Raury’s aversion to the immoralities of society suggest why he is a new age rapper. Raury is a voice for good and whether you like him or not, no one can critique his intention. He is no reverent he admits, but he realizes that many are leading the new age of kids astray.
Raury in “Devil’s Whisper” works through the polarities of this world and the relation between them. The luring of the devil suggests the negative temptations we are all surrounded by in this world. Raury’s response provides the motion for change we need “cause the people going nowhere are the ones that are flexing.” The beat change that matches his response completes this track. “Devil’s Whisper” tackles a very complex and thought provoking topic but Raury proves up to the match. He plays the devil well and the rap response gives the track the anger that it really needed. This is by far Raury’s best work to date and a clear example of why Raury is here to stay.

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