Track: Goat follow up grand return with ‘Fill My Mouth’, their sleaziest recording yet

Photo Credit: Andreas Johansson

A reputation for fashioning heady, world music influenced rhythms and an innate effusion of fuzz-tinged riffs, making for practical infestations of earworms, has always prevailed – and in fact grown ever more feverish – with the mere whisper of psych deities Goat. However, their latest outdoes even that majestic reputation.

Taken from their upcoming career-wide compilation, taking in their obscurities and beloved standalone singles, Fill My Mouth is the second of two brand new Goat concoctions (after the excoriating psych-splendour of Queen of the Underground) on the album. Both tracks were recorded in 2020 – audial proof, if it were needed, that the band’s blazing creative onslaught continues to spread across the global musical sphere. Fill My Mouth buoys incredible folk, flute infusions with their immediately recognisable scuzzy, psych instrumentation.

Goat’s non-album compilation Headsoup celebrates, as they themselves have consistently in their vibrant cultural cross-pollination, an approach to music that doesn’t consider genre in it’s unfettered stylistic maelstrom. Across the record, their manoeuvring of Ethio-jazz and bristling drone manipulations offers a clear but simultaneously mind-boggling musical journey alongside their later, equally inventive work on the serene “Requiem”-era alternate take “Union Of Mind And Soul”; while their earliest work, with the vivid delirium scored by the ‘fuzzwah’ guitar churn of “The Sun and the Moon”, still reigns supreme in the history of psychedelia. Headsoup promises a comprehensive reminder of just how mighty Goat are and always will be; on top of carrying on their elusive legend, as elusively as their beginnings in their native Korpilombo.

Headsoup is released by Rocket Recordings on August  27th, pre-order here. See the video for Fill My Mouth below.

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