Fantasia Review: Kratt

The children were not happy

In the same way that animated films are not just for children, horror movies aren’t necessarily the sole purview of adults. Like thousands, if not millions, of other teenagers, I grew up secretly watching the likes of The Evil Dead, Hellraiser and Cujo. Until the former got stuck in the video player anyway. However, there has been some great filmmaking within the genre which has actively targeted at a younger demographic. The likes of Goosebumps, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ghostbusters show how well it can be done. As does Kratt.

With their parents in need of a break, two city kids (Mia – Nora Merivoo and Kevin – Harri Merivoo) are deposited with their grandma (Mari Lill), who lives in a small Estonian village. They are not pleased about this turn of events, to say the least. They can’t even access the internet! To make matters worse, the pair are expected to actually do work on the farm. In desperation (and exasperation) they summon a Kratt, a demon which must be constantly fed work or it finds something much less wholesome to feed on.  

Played for laughs throughout, Kratt is an amusing and affable family tale which isn’t afraid to stray into darker elements. The cast are likable and the script doesn’t outstay its welcome or linger too long. This keeps the story flowing but it never really engages fully with its characters. However, if you’re after some light entertainment then Rasmus Merivoo’s film might just be the ticket. Kratt is the perfect antidote for a bad day.

Kratt screens on demand at Fantasia International Film Festival.

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