Fantasia Festival 2019 Review: Harpoon

Not all films set on a vessel are tales of endurance, loss and triumph or involve a battle of wits with a nefarious sea creature. Whilst pitching ‘man’ against the sea, or its denizens, can be exciting and tense, there’s nothing quite like two or three humans going head to head in the middle of the ocean. Polanksi’s Knife in the Water and Noyce’s Dead Calm are both fantastic claustrophobic thrillers. Rob Grant’s new film, Harpoon, is equally good value.

Richard (Christopher Gray) was born into privilege and boy doesn’t he know it. He’s also prone to legendary outbursts and fits of violence. When he suspects his best friend (Munro Chambers) is sleeping with his girlfriend (Emily Tyra), he responds with violence. After they’ve convinced him that nothing is going on, Richard decides to take them out on the family yacht by way of an apology. Which turns out to be a mistake.

Harpoon is a refreshingly original and exhilaratingly bold take on the concept of a classic three-hander. Grant ensures that his film continually defies expectation. The plot twists and turns as the trio drift on the ocean. As tempers fray and confessions spill out, the struggle for survival becomes more pressing. Harpoon is a clever, inventive and entertaining spin on relationship drama. A ‘Bermuda’ love triangle with deadly consequences.

Harpoon screened at Fantasia Festival 2019

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