Track: Gena Rose Bruce – Rearview plus album news

We’ve long been a fan of Melbourne’s Gena Rose Bruce’s style of fuzzy, raw emotion and studied cool, melding a Hope Sandoval vocal style with a low fi Jesus and Mary Chain-attitude. This was no more evident than in last year’s spectacular single ‘The Way You Make Love’.

Bruce has just released a new single, ‘Rearview’, off her forthcoming album ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ which is a delightful bluesy tune that dials in a little Kim Carnes ‘Bette Midler’s Eyes’, a little Fleetwood Mac and a lot of style and poise:

Bruce has a gorgeous emotive voice – redolent of smoky bars and seedy dives – that is more than ably supported by a band that provides an experienced muscular base and a little grit to her sweet vocals. Lyrical themes of love and loss, desire and longing infuse her songs.

‘Can’t Make you Love Me’ is out on 28 June 2019 and you can pre-order below, accessing four songs (including this excellent single and the brilliant ‘The Way You Make Love’):

Bruce is on tour in July and August to support the album, playing in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Full details and tickets here.

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