SEE: Otta’s ‘Sick Inside’ has a gorgeous, genre-busting fragility

Picture: Rosie Atkin

SOUTH London-based, British-Finnish singer Otta is plotting an intriguing and sonically dazed course out on the creative fringes of singer-songwriter, lofi and soul. 

Her second EP, entitled Songbook, follows a critically tipped debut at the end of last year; and on the strength of lead track “Sick Inside” promises to be innovative, inventive, playful and satisfying.

“Sick Inside” is frail, almost primitive, and is based on an swaying acoustic, above which Otta’s vocals swoon and dip and plead. There’s a Cocteaus element to her range and tone. It’s brittle; it’s gorgeous. 

The concept behind the EP is the signifier of the songbook. She explains: “I’ve had the idea for Songbook for some time: I knew what it was going to look and sound like from early on. 

“I think the word ‘songbook’ has this nostalgic feel. When I was younger, we had this series of songbooks in my house that my mum played piano from. I wanted to make my own, but with the reality of what that would sound like for me. 

“I kept the title and idea in my mind and made whatever came naturally. I found it fun to visualize characters in each [song] and make alternative narratives that influenced my production and visual choices.

She concludes: “I’m very proud of this EP as I feel it has been such an important outlet for me when I have needed it to be. Now that I’m letting it go I’m more excited than ever for what will come next.” We should be too.

The eight-track Songbook will be released by BOKKLE and Play It Again Sam on July 10th. To hear more and to pre-order, visit

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