Live Review: Poets of the Fall – The Academy, Dublin 05.05.2022

Finnish rock/symphonic rock band arrived at Dublin’s The Academy main room for their Ghostlight tour. Last playing Dublin in 2019 and that being the bands last trip outside of Finland for sometime.
The stage dappled in red and the crowd waiting it hits 9pm and the band took to the stage I thought no?! red light then it turned to blue again thinking no?! (its a photographers thing) but I needn’t of worried as it wasn’t long before the stage was a blaze of colour.
The band choosing to open the night with their new single Requiem For My Dream only released on the 1st of April, following this Marko says he feels like he is dreaming but awake and the band kick into Dreaming Wide Awake and straight into Temple of Thought, following this Marko leaves the stage and band members rock out with the bands instrumental track Rogue.
Marko back on stage and its Firedancer and My Dark Disquiet during which Marko performs a balancing act by placing one foot on the barrier and one foot on the stage spanning the near meter space and singing directly to the immediate crowd members, one lady cant hide her delight as she has prim position right in front of Marko and is smiling the whole way through the song.

Sounds of Yesterday next and a sea of raised waving arms fills the room. Choice Millionaire and many can be seeing sing it the whole way through Chasing Echoes brings us to the final song of the main set Stay Forever.
Band are gone but yeah we all know they’re back in a minute and yes they are! were Marko asks let me see your lights and the crowd lift the phones aloft with torches on and the room is a sparkle of tiny little lights for Sweet Escape after which Marko says that left me in a daze as they start in Daze.
They finished out the night with Lift to one front row lady getting very excited over this and the final song of the night was Carnival of Rust.
At the end the band asked the crowd to pose for a photo, so the band lined up and the crowd wave their arms aloft when the bands camera man took the shot.

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