Track: Low Hummer – Picture Bliss

Hull quintet Low Hummer have just released their new single ‘Picture Bliss’ via Dance to the Radio Records. It’s the follow up to recent cut ‘The Real Thing’ and is a little taster of what might be on their debut EP, out later in the year.

Of the track, one of the bands singers Daniel Mawer (Aimee Duncan being the other) says, “Picture Bliss was the only song I brought fully formed into Low Hummer and the first we tried as a six piece. I’ve got used to cutting and pasting parts together and building layers of songs from drums, bass and keys, but Picture Bliss came to me within twenty minutes of picking up an acoustic guitar and was easy to finish. I wrote the song about two strangers who find each other moments before the world self-destructs, they realise how lucky their lives have been, but still feel cheated to have only just met each other moments before the planet collapses. I tend not to write happy songs…. but I’d like to think it serves as a nice optimistic song if you don’t bother to read into the subject matter!”

It’s a slice of glorious indie rock – guitars alternately chime and then burst into throaty action. Over the top, although Mawer takes the lead, Duncan joins in the chorus to give it this dreamy feel. This band are going places – get on board asap.

Check it out, here

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