Film Review: I Kill Giants

One of the most creative and innovative areas of new writing over the last decade has been in independent comics and graphic novels. Some of the most notable recent examples include Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods, David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp and Craig Thompson’s Habibi. All are beautiful creations. When it comes to these works being adapted for film, the likes of Ghost World, Persepolis and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World showed how it can be so successfully done. In Anders Walter’s feature debut, I Kill Giants, he brings Joe Kelly’s Image Comic to the big screen in glorious fashion.

Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) is a bit of a loner. She’s a social misfit and rather unusual both in her attitude and outlook. Obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, she lives with her brothers and elder sister (Imogen Poots). Convinced that giants are coming to wipe out humans, she’s dedicated her life to protecting mankind. When Sophie (Sydney Wade), and English girl, arrives in school, she begins to test Barbara’s myopic obsession and help her face her greatest fear.

I Kill Giants is a lovingly crafted and impeccably realised adaptation which brings the sensibilities and themes of the comic to life. Barbara’s life is captured in beautiful strokes. Indeed, Rasmus Heise’s cinematography is absolutely breath-taking at times. There are good performances from the young cast and Zoe Saldana is exceptional as a empathetic psychologist, whilst Walter manages to breath life into another reality. It does feel slightly rushed in the second half, but I Kill Giants manages to enchant, enthral and move in equal measure.

I Kill Giants opens in cinemas on 6 April.

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