See: Warm Digits reveal new video for Shake the Wheels of feat. The Orielles

Taken from their album Flight of Ideas, out on April 10th via Memphis Industries, Newcastle’s Warm Digits, aka Steve Jefferies and Andrew Hodson, have revealed a new video for ‘Shake the Wheels Off’, the collaboration on the album with Halifax indie darlings The Orielles.

The Band say of Shake the Wheels off “The song is about the moment when those subjugated by redundant systems of control take their power back. In common with the other songs on the album “Flight of Ideas”, it mines history to find the risks that arise when ideas become archaic: in this instance, the way research on transport safety took the male body as the norm, drastically increasing (by 47%) the risk that women would get injured in a car crash. The Orielles’ roll-call of female engineering heroes in the middle of the song heralds the moment when the balance starts to be redressed.

It’s this glorious mish mash of electro-pop and indie funk, scratchy guitars bleed into slivers of synths, while this bassline Talking Heads would have loved to have had wraps round all swathes of electro sounds. Plus cowbell. Seriously (maybe apart from handclaps) what could be better.

Of the accompanying video, they say “The video was made by the band and long-time collaborators Chris Bate and Sarah Bouttell of Newcastle’s Film Bee collective. The imagery is inspired by post-war engineering manuals and the Highway Code. Ada Lovelace (pioneering computer programmer), Dorothy Vaughan (NASA mathematician) and Tabitha Babbitt (toolmaker) are among those female engineering heroes pictured in the film. “

Check it out, here

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