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Sir Jud

The Breakdown

'Revelations' is a sonically complex recording that will ask questions of the listener. Sir Jude draws on influences such as Madonna and others but ultimately delivers her own insights on the dichotomy of the Madonna and the whore and the place of women in society, on this ambitious album.

Melbourne-based Sir Jude released her debut album ‘Revelations’ earlier this month. Sir Jude has spoken about how the album represents a sonic journey in which she has attempted to unravel internalised misogyny and discover herself. She says that each song on the album poses the question – “What does it mean to be a woman today?” This is certainly true of the track ‘Madonna‘, which was released around the time of the US Supreme Court effectively overturning Roe v Wade earlier this year.

‘Revelations’ is the first track on the album. The accompanying video and indeed the song itself demonstrate Sir Jude’s love of cinematic soundscapes, she has described her music as “very James Bond.” The song features some soaring vocals and propulsive beats.

‘Secret Safe’ is a ballad with an electronic, St Vincent vibe. Sir Jude’s versatility is demonstrated on the next song, ‘Preach’ in which she pivots from the more conventional to grimy, electro pop. Sir Jude worked with Maxim of the Prodigy on ‘Preach‘ which has a darkly menacing foundation that is perfectly offset by Sir Jude’s ethereal vocals.

‘Revelations’ showcases Sir Jude’s versatility as an artist. She takes the listener on an odyssey brimful of cinematic soundscapes. There are references to legends such as Madonna and Lady Gaga and like Madonna, Sir Jude grapples with her Catholic upbringing. ‘Revelations’ is also the chapter of the Bible that details an apocalyptic vision for the end of the world, that has long appealed to artists, musicians and poets.

“Throughout my life I’ve struggled with internalised misogyny and to some extent, catholic guilt,

St Jude

‘Revelations’ is packed with songs that are expansive and vivid. The album presents profound questions about the standing of women in modern society, but also includes moments of heartfelt intimacy – in ‘A Message From Rosa’ Sir Jude converses with her grandmother on the significance of being a woman.

Sir Jude has delivered an accomplished debut album that is a harbinger of great things to come.

Stream / Buy ‘Revelations’ HERE.
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