Track: Sir Jude captures the Zeitgeist with her new track ‘Madonna’

Sir Jude

Melbourne-based artist Sir Jude will release her new track ‘Madonna’ on 6th July. The song will feature on her upcoming debut album, ‘Revelations’. Much like Madonna, Sir Jude’s work is influenced by Catholicism, high fashion, the cinematography of the film-noir genre and Baroque art.

Sir Jude is garnering international attention, ‘What The Hell Have You Done’ a single from her debut EP ‘Dreamlands’ has accrued over 250 000 streams and was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. In addition, her song ‘Mirror’ was synced to MTV’s reality TV show, ‘Catfish’. More recently, ‘What the Hell Have You Done’ and ‘Because You’re Mine’ were spotted in Netflix UK’s Series, ‘The A List’.

Despite the title, ‘Madonna’ sounds more like the funky spawn of a hook up between Lady Gaga and St Vincent rather than a track from La Ciccone. It features a syncopated beat with Sir Jude alternating her vocals between half-spoken to giving her voice free rein. Not only is ‘Madonna’ 3 minutes of euphoric electronic pop, but it also perfectly captures the zeitgeist, in which across the world, women’s rights are increasingly under attack. According to Sir Jude, the track’s core concept is to reflect the dichotomy of the Madonna and the whore, the patriarchal respect of innocence and implied shame of sexual agency. In this way it certainly does reflect Madonna’s uncanny ability to anticipate and reflect cultural politics.

Stream ‘Madonna’ by Sir Jude HERE.

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