Album Review: Nuklear Prophet – Prophecies 11:21

The Breakdown album that highlights why this genre can still deliver when reimagined in the right hands...

U-TRAX presents some hi-energy old school electro and bass from Los Angeles turntablist and producer Nuklear Prophet, who follows up his recent EP on U-TRAX with the full-length album Prophecies 11:21.Formed of an eclectic and energetic collection of gems mined from his overwhelming archive, the album takes in genres such as Electro, Hip Hop, Footwork, Juke, and beyond.

Leading the release is the 808 luminary Egyptian Lover‘s remix of ‘L.A. Rockz‘, kicking off the LP with his trademark 808-infused sound. A nod to Detroit-flavoured Electro is presented via the dark and brooding tracks ‘Nuklear Prophet‘ and ‘Compton‘, with the lighter atmospherics of the genre covered on ‘Solar Winds‘. The pounding electro killer ‘808 Plague‘ sounds like it came straight from the sewers of The Hague.

Check out ‘I Am Nuklear’ from the album:

Everlastin’ Bass‘, ‘Back Up Off My Tip‘, and ‘The Train Ride To Coconino‘ offer Footwork inspired bangers, with the latter previously featured on the Legowelt curated U-Trax compilation ‘U R Here!’ earlier this year.
Moving across a spectrum of tempos, styles, and moods across the album, exemplified on the sluggish trip-hop of ‘The Mars Goblin‘, Nuklear Prophet expertly touches on a range of bass-driven genres, displaying his widespread influences and knack for hard-hitting production throughout.

Verdict: A seriously good collection of electro belters for fans of the oldskool genre, Prophecies 11:21 holds all the flava. Nuklear Prophet takes all the phat elements we love and then raises the bar with solid 808 beats, fine retro synth lines and well selected vocal cuts and scratches. From straight up B-Boy dance movers to get down atmospheric groovers, there are no fillers in this selection. Top production skills and a complete understanding of which elements make quality electro, Nuklear Prophet lays down an album that highlights how this genre can still deliver when reimagined in the right hands.

Vinyl Tracklist:

1. L.A. Rockz (Egyptian Lover Remix)
2. I Am Nuklear
3. Comming Up From Underground
4. Doctorz Of Crime
5. Marz Rover
6. Solar Winds
7. 808 Plague
8. Everlastin’ Bass
9. Nuklear Prophet
10. Git Up On Dis!!
11. The Train Ride To Coconino
12. Compton

OUT NOW: On gorgeous double colored vinyl (includes high-quality download with bonus tracks), CD, Digital and Cassette

Grab a Copy Here:

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