Track: KYL!E’s debut single ‘Sorry’ makes a flamboyant claim for future electropop stardom.

Singer-songwriter KYL!E released her debut single, “Sorry” on February 22nd, 2021. The track, produced by RYNS, is a synth-driven electropop anthem of uncertainty and acrimony. Detailing the cracks of a relationship nearing its end, KYL!E gives listeners a relatable view into the self-doubt that manifests during the process. The instrumental reflects the nuance of her lyricism, with fractured, twinkly synthesizers accompanying the line “I can see the glass as it cracks beneath us.” Her vocal timbre is wholly unique, darkly resonant and flamboyant in her delivery while interspersed with moments of vulnerable crooning. Another entry into the confusing “escape room” genre, the production is defined by a harsh and ear-wormy synth lead. KYL!E showcases deft craftsmanship in the structure and dynamics of her songwriting as well, writing equally catchy hooks that groups of young people can easily scream out their car windows on a Friday night.  

Listening to the track, one can hear passing influences of Ariana Grande and Charli XCX, all wrapped up in a Lady Gaga glam aesthetic. But KYL!E does not engage in mimicry on “Sorry,” as her sound is not defined by similarities but by how striking it feels to first hear her. There is room to grow for the young artist: her vocals could be more supported and present in the mix, and her lyrics, while poetic, skew more towards ambiguity and lack the raw power that would work so effectively within her aesthetic. Despite these shortcomings, KYL!E’s debut is an impressive one, and it will hopefully serve as a portent of future stardom.

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