News: John Lynch Releases New EP ‘1922’

After captivating listeners with singles like ‘Guardians’ and his unique take on the classic folk song ‘Dark Horse On The Wind’, John Lynch now releases his highly anticipated EP, ‘1922’.

John Lynch’s songwriting prowess takes center stage in this 6-track collection, embodying the essence of contemporary folk music. The EP is a testament to Lynch’s ability to weave narrative and critical thought into his music, guiding listeners on a journey that is both musically enriching and intellectually stimulating. His deep understanding of Irish history shines through, making him a true educator through his music.

The title track, ‘1922’, sets the tone for the EP with its satirical yet political stance, offering a perspective from the working class and challenging the powers that be. Lynch’s dedication to his audience is evident in this track, consistent with his reputation as a man of the people.

The EP continues its exploration with the upbeat ‘Johnny Jump Up’, injecting a lighthearted flavor. Moving forward, ‘Sands Of Time’ and ‘Glow of the Kerosene Light’ showcase Lynch’s versatility in crafting ballads and engaging conversational pieces. As the journey unfolds, the EP takes a slightly darker turn with the classic ‘Dark Horse on the Wind’, before concluding with a heartfelt tribute to his hometown, Dublin, in ‘Guardians’.

Reflecting on the creative process behind ‘1922’, John Lynch shares: “The process of making this EP was much more relaxed than previous experiences with my first album ‘City Stars’ (2021). I collaborated with the Dublin Studio Hub and Larry Hogan for a number of years now, and we kind of evolved the sound, going back to the old tradition of storytelling through song. Making this EP felt very much like it wrote and produced itself. We just channeled the right energy and the music happened.”

Ultimately, ‘1922’ forms a profound connection between John Lynch and his audience, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and Irish identity. Each track reveals more than just melodies; it imparts a deep understanding of culture and history. The EP will be available on August 4th across various digital streaming platforms, offering fans a chance to experience the magic of John Lynch’s folk-inspired storytelling.

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