Live Review: White Lies – O2 Institute, Birmingham 13.03.2022 Plus Gallery

It’s unusual for a band to start a show on their biggest song but it’s a risk White Lies are willing to take as they start this incredible show off with ‘Farewell to the Fairground’. Whilst I’m sure the majority of these gig goers aren’t expecting it, they’re quick to come into their own and they go crazy for the first note. It’s a brilliant way to start and the confetti canons are a very nice touch. It’s quite incredible how easy this four piece switch between new and old music and whilst ‘There Goes Our Love Again’ & ‘To Lose My Life’ are absolute White Lie classics, the crowd are still going crazy for ‘Am I Really Going to Die’ & ‘Blue Drift’; it absolutely works for this Birmingham crowd and they’re clearly feeling this new direction.

As the night continues, we’re treated to some absolutely wild guitar solos, a lot of dirty bass and some band members playing as though their lives depended on it. Half way through the night, we’re given a clear fan favourite as ‘Is My Love Enough’ – though it’s hard to tell if the cheers and whistles are for the song itself or Harry McVeigh forgetting the words. This, followed by drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown playing the intro to the wrong song gets the crowd to loosen up even more if that’s possible as it’s so refreshing to see a band be human and make mistakes. Harry makes it look too easy as lighten the mood and get everyone on his side.

The volume coming from the crowd for ‘Big TV’ sounds as though they should be in a stadium and yet, somehow, this audience does manage to get louder. ‘Unfinished business’ is arguably the loudest song of the evening yet ‘Tokyo’ isn’t far behind surprisingly. The rainbow lighting on ‘Tokyo’ and essentially, production of the whole show isn’t something I’m expecting for the evening though it’s the small touches and finer details that really make these guys a band to behold. It’s obvious to everyone in the room why they’ve got such a loyal fanbase.

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