Live Review: KALEO / Belle Mt / Junius – 3Arena, Dublin 19,06,2022

Icelandic blues rockers KELEO rolled into Dublin’s 3Arena with support coming from Belle Mt and Junius
and attracting a 3000 strong audience.

Opening the night fell on fellow Icelandic band Junius who came on stage at 7.45 with  Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson firstly saying hello Dublin the city of Luke Kelly and after their first song he announced jokingly that this next song is our last, but its lasts 2 hours long at this point someone shouted something from the crowd and he replied with I understand nothing lol. They played a half hour set which on the third song he thought the crowd some words to sing along with.

Belle Mt took to the stage at 8pm announcing that they had heard that the Irish love music so lets play some, they couldn’t thank Kaleo enough for having them on stage and after the fourth song asking the crowd had anyone every wondered what it is like to be on this stage and answering the question with its f***ing great and come see us at the merch stand for hugs all round. Again only playing a half hour set or 6 songs.

9pm and everyone was waiting patiently as Kaleo were during on, but there seemed to be a little technically issue with monitors, which was quickly sorted out by the sound/stage guys and Kaleo hit the stage at 9.10.
Opening up with Break My Baby / Broken Bones / I Cant Go On Without You,
Jökull Júlíusson then letting us know that tonight was special as they love Dublin but extra special as tonight they have brought 150 people from their home town with them, some of which I think were member’s of UMF Afturelding football team.
Backbone got an airing next after which Jökull put on a Sombrero so everyone knew instantly what was coming next , yes! it was Hey Gringo and getting the crowd to sing with them half way through with the two backing singers coming to the front of stage to help people along with said singing.
Alter Ego then came Hot Blood where the crowd were told come on Dublin get up, once the lyrics for Hot Blood were done Jökull left the stage leaving the band to play out with a long instrumental ending where each band member took a turn in doing a solo part and ending this with the two backing singers coming forward again and singing get up! get up! get up again!
A piano is rolled out and Jökull take a seat in front of it and only a spot light on him for Brother Run Fast and Walk On Water where half way through Walk On Water he leaves the piano to take up his guitar for the rest of the song.
Skinny was next to which the crowd sang along and they finished out with Way Down We Go.
Only a short break before they encore and its No Good which brought everyone in the balcony seats to their feet.
Last song and some of those 150 home town folks are brought out on stage again this time I think it was members of UMF Afturelding football team who danced around the stage which the band played Rock ‘n’ Roller. that was it only a two song encore but before things ended on of the football team got the crowd going with a slow clap with he then built and built to a frenzy before leaving the stage.

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