News: Nellie Charles Makes Striking Debut With ‘Boss’

Manchester-based UK R&B newcomer Nellie Charles debuts with the vibrant new single ‘Boss’, the first single from her upcoming EP set for release this summer.

A fusion of classic R&B with contemporary flair, ‘Boss’ explores themes of self-assurance and empowerment within modern relationships. Drawing from personal experiences, Charles delivers a message of confidence and self-worth, echoing influences such as Jorja Smith and Summer Walker. Led by a boxy swaying beat and swelling synths, Nellie Charles’ silky vocals shine on the single. Chilled, commercially viable and packing some vibrant musicality, the single showcases what a promising young talent Smith is.

Charles explains. “‘Boss’ is more than just a song to me – it’s a statement. It embodies my journey of self-discovery and self-respect. This song came from a place of realizing that in any relationship, my voice matters. It’s a celebration of knowing your value and not being afraid to demand the respect you deserve. ‘Boss’ was born out of a moment where I felt the need to express my strength, not just as a woman, but as a person who understands her worth. It’s a reminder to myself and to others that in love and life, we are our own bosses. The process of creating ‘Boss’ was deeply personal and liberating. It’s a blend of my experiences, dreams, and the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist.”

Inspired by her journey of self-discovery, the track resonates with those who have felt overlooked or undervalued. Charles’s dedication to her craft stems from a childhood immersed in music, with influences ranging from Etta James to Lauryn Hill.

As she steps onto the R&B stage, Charles brings with her a commitment to authentic expression and connection, aiming to touch hearts and inspire through her music.

Listen below:

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