Track: GRXCE is not following ‘Family Traditions’ – another cathartic blast of muscular pop, along with tour news.

Following up on their debut single ‘Pretty Boy‘, Sydney grunge pop exponents GRXCE have just released ‘Family Traditions’ which proves their adroitness at creating indelible muscular pop grunge of the highest order. ‘Family Tradition does ease off on the accelerator slightly, bit it is nonetheless a powerfully crafted pop missile.

The track has a serious theme about the pressures of conforming to society and family expectations. Lead singer Jamila Grace says of the track:

‘Family Traditions’ was one of the first tracks I wrote that was so personal I almost didn’t even pitch it to the band.  I grew up in a split household so shifting between two different realities felt normal to me but the rest of the world made me feel alone in that experience. I never understood what it meant to settle in one spot and I think even now in my twenties that shows in how restlessly I want more and more from myself, the world and the people around me; it is equally my strongest and weakest trait. Writing this song was an ode to my parents, to let them know I appreciate and love them for who they shaped me into but also to try and get them to understand and acknowledge that how I grew up gave me a very lonely perspective of life and love.

The song is cathartic for Grace:

This song helped me battle the ‘white picket fence’ fantasy I had in my head growing up, deciphering why I felt destined to be alone and why I was so concerned with watching and picking apart family structures around me.

The delivery contrasts Grace’s velvet soft delivery and the powerful machinery of instrumentation that blasts underneath, creating a resounding anthem:

All visuals and artwork have been designed and created within the band (video editing by drummer, Alex Berger and artwork designed by bassist, Emily Elvish). The homemade aspect of the visuals compliments the central theme of family in the track, designed to mimic old VHS-style family videos that represent the ‘out of place’ sensation one can have within their own household. The single is available through the link above and all the usual download/streaming sites.

GRXCE will be embarking on a tour along the East Coast – tickets and single details available here.

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