Track: Breakfast Road Sparks a Y2K Revival With New Single ‘START A RIOT’ + Show Date!

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Throw on your platform sandals, grab your flip phone, and let’s take a trip down memory lane to the early 2000s, where low-rise jeans ruled the fashion scene and your Tamagotchi’s survival was a top priority. Australian boy band Breakfast Road is setting the music scene ablaze with their latest single, ‘START A RIOT’.

Emerging from Western Sydney, Breakfast Road is a magnetic force that draws inspiration from iconic acts such as NSYNC, Gorillaz, and The Backstreet Boys. In their latest single, ‘START A RIOT,’ the band masterfully intertwines classic Y2K vibes with a contemporary pop sensibility, creating a journey that transcends eras. Boasting harmonious vocals and an irresistibly infectious beat, the track is more than a mere throwback; it’s a nostalgic reverie with a modern edge, embodying the very essence of Breakfast Road’s distinctive brand. The band delves deep into their musical identity with ‘START A RIOT’, exploring the complexities of tumultuous relationships, fiery perspectives, and an unwavering energy that defines their unique style. The single’s catchiness is undeniable, with the chorus becoming an instant anthem that compels listeners to belt it out after just one spin.

Band member PJ reveals that ‘START A RIOT’ holds special significance for Breakfast Road, setting the tone for what’s to come and serving as the perfect tone-setter for their upcoming releases. Created in collaboration with fellow Full Circle member and producer SOLLYY, the single underwent meticulous mixing by the band’s own Petespace and was masterfully honed by Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti. The single was also recorded in the band’s Western Sydney home studio, adding a personal touch that connects the music to their roots.

With a distinctive sound and high-energy performances, Breakfast Road has cultivated a devoted fan base, boasting over 14,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Demonstrated on stages like SXSW, TBH Fridays, Happy Mag, and Midnight Special, their talent consistently leaves audiences spellbound. Earlier this year, their first headline show at Oxford Art Factory proved to be a resounding sell-out success and the band’s remarkable ability to effortlessly share the stage with notable acts such as Bread Club, Mason Dane, Ula, Mac, and YNG Martyr further highlights their ability to complement diverse lineups.

As they gear up for their live performance with Music Booze Co Sydney on December 2nd, Breakfast Road promises to bring the riot to the stage. So, get ready to groove to the explosive beats of ‘START A RIOT’ and let Breakfast Road take you on a journey that bridges the past and the present in the most electrifying way possible – it’s a Y2K revival with a Breakfast Road soundtrack!

Image Credit: @_feks

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