Track: Lucas Watt Shares Indie Anthem ‘All My Friends’

Lucas Watt shines on the infectious new indie warmer ‘All My Friends’. Like a blend between Sam Fender and The 1975, the track packs a relatable sense of melancholy over an energetic, full band backdrop. Opening with cut up vocal samples and a wall of crunching guitar, the track quickly introduces the tight guitar led indie-pop tendencies prevelent across Watt’s material.

As the track progresses, introducing layers of well placed harmonies, Watt’s silky, effortless tight, pleasingly commercial and emotionally honest lead vocals shine as the soundscape gradually grows, adding layers of acoustic guitars and shifting into a four to the floor in the earmworm chorus.

Ebbing and flowing through moments of distorted bass and others of chorus tinted guitar before closing on a climactic, bright final chorus, ‘All My Friends’ displays a polished approach from Lucas Watt whilst also showcasing a shimmering creativity. Anthemic, instant likability but a rich and mature musical understanding.

Speaking about the single, Lucas explains, “I wrote All My Friends at the beginning of last year whilst reflecting on the strange way relationships work in our new online world. I based the whole track around the idea of being ‘ghosted’ and how it has become normal to end relationships by simply hiding behind your phone screen and not replying to that last message. I feel the darker sonics of this new single define who I am musically, which is why ‘All My Friends’ has become the track that has inspired the sound of music I’m working on to be released later in the year.”

Listen below:

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