Track: The Terrys Unveil ‘No Bad Days’ Single, Gear Up for Aus & EU/UK Tours, and Announce Upcoming Album!

The Terrys have unveiled their newest single, ‘No Bad Days‘, providing an enticing preview of their upcoming sophomore album, ‘Skate Pop’, set to hit the airwaves on February 23rd, 2024. Crafted by the band’s talented bassist, Trent Cooper, the track encapsulates the essence of surf-rock, offering listeners an uplifting and resonant message about navigating the ebb and flow of life with unwavering optimism.

Straight out of Gerringong, The Terrys assemble Jacob Finch (vocals), Lukas Anderson (lead guitar), Ben Salvatori (rhythm guitar), Cameron Cooper (drums), and Trent Cooper (bass) to forge an authentic Aussie coastal sound. Sitting within the indie-rock domain, ‘No Bad Days’ features a chorus perfectly crafted for a summer road trip—an anthem seamlessly harmonising with the relaxed atmosphere of Australia’s coastal and indie-rock culture.

As anticipation builds for the album, The Terrys are hitting the road across regional Aus for a co-headline tour alongside their mates from Brisbane, Beddy Rays. The Terrys are also set to embark on a thrilling EU/UK tour, coinciding with the ‘Skate Pop’ release. Following successful performances in London and Manchester, as well as a standout appearance at the Reeperbahn festival, the band is gearing up for an extraordinary tour across Germany, Ireland, the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

Amidst their musical pursuits, The Terrys also maintain a steadfast commitment to supporting the local music community. Last year, they successfully spearheaded their very own Battle of the Bands initiative, which sold out debut events. This year, with over 200 bands throwing their hat in the ring, they’ve decided to roll the party wagon into Brisbane—an epic growth spurt for the initiative, and there are still tickets available! Although The Terrys won’t be taking the stage during these shows, their presence will be felt at each one, ready to hang out with fans and crown the winners. The band’s dedication to nurturing musical talent and creating unforgettable experiences for both fans and emerging artists continues to inspire everyone within reach.

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