News: Marko Ivic Shares Hypnotic New Instrumental ‘Mudita’

Marko Ivic, a rising composer and pianist known for his enthralling piano-based compositions, is captivating audiences with his latest single, ‘Mudita’. A Venezuelan artist of Croatian and Italian descent, Marko’s musical journey is a testament to his profound connection with sound and his ability to weave intricate emotional narratives through his compositions.

Comparable to the likes of Jóhann Jóhannsson and Olafur Arnalds, the tracks piano led soundscape is driven by a sense of emotion and subtle reverbs which surround the performance. As the journey progresses, the music grows, reaching a momentous climax before arriving back at the elegant confidence of the opening moments.

Marko explains the single, “Mudita is one of the most intuitive songs of the album. In terms of composition, it came to life very fast. I was improvising one day when I “discovered” the melody, and within 2 days the song was finished, and remained in that shape all the way till the recording days. Other songs in the album, for example, experienced changes and corrections over a longer period of time.

The title came later, when I was trying to find a suitable name for it. Since the beginning, the song had a mystical feeling for me, like alluding to something ancient, eternal, like the earth. But one day, while I was on a plane, I was reading a book with the conversations between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, when I heard the term Mudita for the first time. The Dalai Lama explained that in Buddhism, Mudita is a word used to describe a feeling of well-being because of someone else’s fortune, like the opposite for feelings of envy, or something like that. The meaning captivated me, and I immediately felt I had found a title for the song. The song has a cyclical harmonic structure, and this makes me think of interconnectedness and how joy is something we can experience even if it is in someone else’s experience. For me, to be kind to someone else is the most powerful act we have in our hands.”

A versatile artist, Marko Ivic has roots in classical piano, having completed his education at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He further honed his craft with a Master’s degree in Live Electronics from the Conservatory in Amsterdam, delving into electro-acoustic music. Inspired by minimalist icons like Glass, Reich, and Eno, Marko’s work exudes a profound appreciation for the subtleties of sound and the nuances of human experience.

In his artistic journey, Marko’s goal is simple yet profound: to share the joy he feels when he plays and to remind people of the subtle dimensions of existence often overlooked. Through his music, he seeks to foster connections – not just with the audience, but within himself as well.

Listen to the new single below:

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