Track: kleio Share Indie-Rock Bop ‘yoko’

Irish four-piece indie rock outfit kleio sahre the vibrant new single ‘yoko’.

Reflecting its bouncing indie-rock energy with the considered, emotive nature of the vocals, ‘yoko captures a simplistic yet effective likability – capturing a rawness of the bands live shows whilst displaying a melancholic depth. Distorted guitar riffs, driving high-octane drums and driving, plucky bass burst to life around a steady and haunting lead vocal. Atmospheric yet danceable the track manages to balance its mood with an irresistible impact akin to earl Bloc Party and King Of Leon.

Stepping up. gear with an electrifying guitar solo in the latter third of the track, ‘yoko’ ends on a climactic final chorus.

Band member Luke Kelly shares, “This is a song we wrote with a live audience in mind, we had just started gigging again and thought our audience deserved a real anthem. We love the early 2000’s anthemic indie sound because it’s what we grew up on so this song is meant to be a love-letter of sorts to that”

Listen below:

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