Live Review: Wolfmother, Dee Why RSL, 29.10.2022

Friday night saw hard rockers Wolfmother turn Dee Why RSL into one huge moshpit. Complete with crowd surfers, stage invaders and stage divers, including one brazen audience member telling security to ‘hang on’ before they ejected him so he could get some crowd footage on his phone.

Local boys, Tchitaki opened the night and played to an appreciative audience. A last minute addition to a short run of shows that were only announced around a couple of weeks ago, the support did well to warm up the crowd despite a few tech glitches with the house lights being turned on multiple times at the start of their set.

Stockdale didn’t disappoint the over 700 strong crowd, playing all their hits in a generous 16 track set. The excitement of the crowd only built throughout the night, with crowd surfers and stage divers becoming more enthusiastic as the night went on.

Wolfmother has seen a few line up changes over the years, this iteration seeing frontman Andrew Stockdale joined by Hamish Rosser (The Vines) on drums and Bobby Poulton on bass and keys. The three piece clearly have great chemistry between them both on and off stage.

The band returned to the stage for a 3 song encore, including new track Midnight Train and cover of Led Zepplin’s hit Rock n Roll.

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