Say Psych: Live, The Ganjas, Liverpool PsychFest, 25/09/15

Go through The Ganjas back catalogue and you could be forgiven for thinking that there is the sound of more than more than one band at work. With an eclectic background of releases stretching back nearly fifteen years.

Another amazing band from Chile’s BYM Records, The Ganjas are firmly located in the South american milieu, yet bring in elements of psychedelia, laurel canyon smoothness, and the lugubrious yet immediate beats of reggae and dub. Bringing this diversity together wonderfully The Ganjas played a set on the Furnace Stage that was every bit as eclectic as the band’s back catalogue yet had a coherence to it. This was not the most exciting set of the Festival, not was it by any means the most psychedelic. Yet the band pulled off a performance that both rocked and had a relaxed charm to it which cajoled a good crowd in the Furnace into engaging with the music and losing themselves in it.

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