See: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs release new video for Rubbernecker

Taken from their forthcoming Viscerals record, which drops on April 3rd via Rocket Recordings,

“The lyrics of ‘Rubbernecker’ explore feelings of desperation and eroding senses of community in a world that’s seemingly gone completely mad,” says singer Matt Baty. “The central character is the clown, who attempts to detach himself from the world he observes as chaotic and unruly. The more he isolates himself, the more he yearns for kinship but the ever growing forces that reinforce his terror of the outside keep him rooted in his confinement. It’s a sad song really.” 

It’s muscular and hard-edged, as you would expect CD-ROM the Newcastle band, full of huge, grating riffs that seem to pick you up and drag you along with them. Over the top the vocal lines soars over its throbbing accompaniment in its own gritty way. It’s huge and menacing and completely consuming.

Director Rafael Bonilla, Jr. says of the video , “The video is about the band being trapped in limbo and forced to perform in a circus for the dead kids that reside there. They are watched over by a clown that kills them off one by one, kind of like a slasher film, which entertains the kids more than the circus acts. A lot of the imagery in the video is inspired by the painting ‘The Harrowing of Hell’ by Hieronymous Bosch.”

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