Track: Newcastle’s TV Death release the glorious garage punk of Village Mentality, along with new video; check it out here

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Banks Photography

Newcastle garage punks TV Death are back with a new single, Village Mentality, taken from their EP ‘The God, The One and The Devil’, which is out on November 24th.

Off the track, the band say, “Village Mentality’s character embodies the mindset to blindly believe everything you see in the media. During the time of writing it, many newspapers were blaming the issues of the country on immigration. There was a growing unrest toward minority groups in some circles and in some small towns, which heavily inspired the premise. The song’s story follows one of these hateful news cycles as the villagers wake up to eagerly point their finger after seeing the headlines. Written on the bass, the song needed a bouncing progression to lie underneath it, as more and more instruments joined in just like the mob, before ripping into the main riff and chase.”

Largely built on these razor sharp riffs and snarly attitude, Village Mentality is a scuffed up slice of psych influenced garage rock, the chorus’ having these gripping, swirling guitars that, as the song unfurls, infect the verses and whip the whole thing up into a glorious frenzy.

The accompanying video is part of a series of related videos, this being the third, that are centred around problems in todays society but doused in a horror b-movie look. Check it, and the song out here

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